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Sell My Home in 30 Days Guarantee

I will get you under contract in 30 days or your listing is FREE!

Very few agents have the confidence to make a claim like that. How can I do it? Watch the video below and then fill-out the form to schedule an appointment. It’s a Win-Win situation that takes all the pressure off of YOU! You’ll be calling me saying “Sell My Home” in no time!

How Rick Dulai Helps

Homeowners Sell Their Homes

I recognize that this market is all over the place. So when I meet with you for a consultation, you will get a direct, no B.S., explanation of the market and the best strategy to use for selling your home. Every home and home OWNER is different. I have found that 99% of the agents out there do the same thing for every listing. A typical agent that you interview to market your home will do the following:

  • Create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and literally price your home to chase the latest sales
  • Put a sign in your yard
  • Put a lockbox on your door
  • Put the listing in the MLS
  • Maybe an open house
  • Sit back and wait for showings and offers

I hate CMA’s!

Let me repeat that.. I *HATE* CMA’s!

If you interview an agent and they tell you what the “comps” say to price your house at, SHOW THEM THE DOOR!

I will show you how market trends and absorption rates are much more important in determining your list price than a CMA. This requires a deeper understanding of markets, statistics and economics than the average agent. I have that knowledge and will share with you the reality of this crazy real estate market.

Other real estate agents hate me!

I have debated and argued with agents that have been in the business for 30 years or more. Their understanding of economics and statistics is about as robust as their ability to use their shiny new iPads and Android phones! The reason they won’t change the way they work is because sellers like you don’t know what to really ask. They are afraid to challenge the status quo. They are simply giving you what they think you are asking for.

Do not hire another agent until you sit down with me and hear me out!

I promise that you will come out of our meeting with a much better and clearer understanding of how to navigate through this market. If you choose to hire someone else, that is fine. The only thing I ask is that you let me know WHY you chose someone else. I am always looking to improve professionally and your input would be invaluable to me!